Hilltip SprayStriker™ Liquid De-icing Sprayer

SprayStriker™ 65 TR & 90 UTV De-Icing Sprayer for tractors, loaders and pickup tailgate.


The 65TR & 90 UTV series de-icing sprayer has a high performance 12V pump specially designed for de-icing liquids. The liquid sprayer is designed for compact tractors and loaders for use on pathways and other narrow areas. It can also be installed on pickup tailgates or in a 2.5” receiver hitch. The tank is polyethylene and the body is made of mild steel with a zinc base and powder coated finish.

The Hilltip SprayStriker™ sprayer unit is delivered and controlled with the StrikeSmart™ Smartphone App (Phone included). The liquid sprayer can be equipped with a 40’ hose reel, 3 different widths of spray bars and in-cab individually controlled side-nozzles for increased spray width.

Disinfection nozzles are also available for the spray bar and hand wand to fight germs, bacteria and viruses.

Tailgate brine sprayer, De-icing Brine Sprayers, Saumureuse


This tailgate brine sprayer is compatible with our standard HTrack™ tracking software. You can track and manage all of your spreading devices and snowplows online on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The program shows treatment route and spreading details on the map in real-time or between specific time intervals. Spreading route details such as speed, GPS location and material used can be summarized and generated as PDF reports.

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Tailgate brine sprayer, Liquid De-icing Sprayer


The app in the smartphone lets you customize your spreading session according to your current situation. Automatic GPS-speedcontrol adjusts the amount of spreading material (gal/1000 sq ft) according to your vehicle speed, while manual mode lets you insert a fixed speed. The app additionally collects and saves essential spreading data, allowing you to generate spreading reports. This wireless control system also makes it easy to turn on functions, beacon light and side nozzles, from the smartphone inside the cabin.

Tailgate brine sprayer, Liquid De-icing Sprayer


  • 12 V pump
  • GPS speed control adjusts the liquid flow (gal/ 1000 sq ft) according to your vehicle speed.
  • The spreader is controlled with Hilltip StrikeSmart™App. Android smartphone is included.
  • 2.6’, 3.9’ or 6.6’ spraybar.
  • Nozzles on the end of the boom, for extended spray width.


  • EU tow/ tailgate hitch.
  • Swing away mount, bolted.
  • 3-point hitch, Cat I/II.
  • Wheelloader / Fork lift 1” Pin hitch, adjustable. Height adjustment.


  • 40′ hose reel for spraying sidewalks and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Beacon warning-light.
  • Directional in cabin control of side nozzels (both sides).
  • HTrack™ tracking system.
  • Smartphone controller holder.
Spreader Anti-Icing


By applying a liquid solution before the snow or rain falls, it will stay in the pores and cracks of the road and then restrict the bonding between the road surface and the ice. This will make the snow/ice come off easier when plowing.

Spreader De-Icing


When a liquid solution is applied to an already icy/snowy road it will immediately start breaking up the ice from the top down. By mixing the right solution for your current winter temperatures, you wont be wasting salt or money.


Sprayer specifications and dimensions

Model65 TR90 UTV
Liquid tank capacity65 gal90 gal
Height 47”37"
Length 28”34"
Empty Weight 265 lb310 lb
Spray bar width 2.6’, 4’ or 6.5’ 2.6’, 4’ or 6.5’
Spraying width 2.6’ - 16’ 2.6’ - 16’
Spray volume 0.8-4.8 gal/min0.8-4.8 gal/min
Power supply 12 V, max 30 Ah12 V, max 30 Ah


See how much you can save by reducing material costs with a liquid system

Current de-icing method

Compare with

Salt consumption

lbs / year *

Salt price

$ / lb *

You can save in material costs annually

* Calculations based on the following application rates: Dry salt 30g/m2, Pre-Wet 17g/m2, Brine 35ml/m2. With a Pre-Wet system the application rate is significantly lower, as the pre-wetted salt bonds to the ground and immediately start breaking up the ice.


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