Street Sweepers

Professional street sweepers and brooms for tractors, skid-steers, or compact loaders.

Optimize street cleaning operations with Hilltip SweepAway™ brooms.

Attain top-level cleanliness with our efficient street sweepers and benefit from efficient and precise sweeping capabilities for a pristine and safe environment.

Hilltip brooms cater to diverse applications throughout the seasons. With innovative technology and robust design, our road sweepers ensure unmatched performance. As a result, you can maximize productivity and reduce cleaning time and labor costs with our sweeping systems.

Discover more about our road sweepers below.

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SweepAway Push Broom

7 sizes

SweepAway™ Push Broom
HSL / HSM 150-300

SweepAway rotating broom

4 sizes

SweepAway™ Rotary Broom
Sweeper 150-220 SPL/SL