HillTip IceStriker™ Salt Spreader for trucks

IceStriker™ 2000-6000 AM/CM combi salt spreaders for trucks


The Hilltip IceStriker™ 2000-6000 AM/CM is a 12V and 24V electric sand and salt spreader for trucks. The spreader has a stainless steel auger and the modular hopper body is made of polyethylene. Components on our spreaders provides you long lasting protection against corrosion and rust. The IceStriker™ combi salt spreader with it’s unique control system, saves you money and reduces the impact on the environment, while achieving the same results as before.


The poly hopper salt spreader for trucks can easily be transformed into a brine sprayer or into a pre-wet combi salt spreader that moistens the spreading material. The integrated tanks in the double walled hopper body holds up to 315 gallons of liquid. The spreader can also optionally be equipped with a 6’7″ dual spray bar or a hose reel with hand-held spray nozzle. This multi functional sand and salt spreader is for trucks from 1/2 ton up to 15000 lbs GVWR.


This sand & salt spreader is compatible with our HTrack™ tracking software. You can track and manage all of your spreading devices online on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The program shows treatment route and spreading details on the map in real-time or between specific time intervals. Spreading route details such as speed, GPS location and material used can be summarized and generated as PDF reports.

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You can reduce the salt usage with up to 30% with the optional liquid pre-wet system, and by 75% when using salt brine solution as de-icing method! This is direct savings for you and the environment.

We help you to make a clean and safe society !



The controller lets you customize your spreading session according to your current situation. Automatic GPS-speed control adjusts the amount of spreading material (lbs/1000 sq ft) according to your vehicle speed, while manual mode lets you insert a fixed auger speed. The controller additionally collects and saves essential data to an USB memory, allowing you to generate spreading reports. The controller also makes it easy to turn on functions like vibrator, beacon and work light, from inside the cabin.


Stainless steel flip-up chute, designed for spreading salt with high humidity


Feed mechanism: Auger or chain. Image shows the 6″ stainless steel auger.

IceStriker spreader vibrator


Vibrator prevents bridging and de-icing material from clogging by shaking the inverted Vee.


Inverted-V helps reduce heavy start-up loads on the auger. All in stainless steel.


  • 12 or 24 volt dual motors, mounted inside a sealed weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Built-in tie-down loops for strapping unit to truck
  • Top screen prevents rocks and big material chunks from getting into the hopper
  • Additional tank for rinsing / cleaning the spray system with anti-freeze liquid after each use
  • Built-in tie-down loops for strapping unit to truck
  • Includes an accessory wire for optional work light and beacon light that can be activated from the standard controller
  • Tarp kit


  • LED Stop/ Tail / Brake lights
  • Beacon-Strobe lights
  • Adjustable work light at the rear of the spreader for improved visibility
  • Leg stand for practical storing and easier removal and installation
  • Adjustable spreading symmetry from inside the cab.
  • End of material alarm sensor on spinner
  • Extended chute for truck beds over 48” height.
  • Extended auger (+ 24’’) for optimization of vehicle axle loading.


  • Pre-wet salt liquid kit, nozzles, pump with built-in tanks in spreader construction
  • 6’7″ wide spray bar with 7′-16′ spraying width
  • 40′ hose reel for spraying hard-to-reach areas
  • Bladder tank stores additional liquid inside hopper


Spreader specifications and dimensions


MODEL2000 AM/CM2800 AM/CM3400 AM/CM4200 AM/CM6000 CM
Total length (including spinner)9.8 ft9.8 ft9.8 ft12 ft12.8 ft
Hopper length7.6 ft7.6 ft7.6 ft10 ft11.2 ft
Minimum truck bed length7 ft7 ft7 ft9 ft9.5 ft
Width, min. truck bed45"45"45"45"45"
Width, maximum (with tarp mounted)67"67"67"67"67"
Total height of the hopper from the loading
surface of the carrying vehicle
Capacity, struck2.0 cu yd2.8 cu yd3.4 cu yd4.2 cu yd5.5 cu yd
Capacity, rounded2.3 cu yd3.2 cu yd3.8 cu yd4.7 cu yd6.5 cu yd
Weight (empty)792 lb869 lb946 lb1078 lb1323 lb
Hopper construction, dual wallPolyPolyPolyPolyPoly
Spreading width, min-max2-40" (may vary depending on material)
Spinner size20"20"20"20"20"
Auger diameter (stainless steel)6"6"6"6"-
Chain conveyor width12"12"12"12"12"
MaterialSalt, Sand, Granulate/Mixed (max 5/16’’ Ø)
Vehicle min. 8 500 lb GVWRmin. 13 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWR
MODEL1600 AM/CM2100 AM/CM2600 AM/CM4000 AM/CM5000 CM
Total length (including spinner)290 cm290 cm290 cm340 cm390 cm
Hopper lenght235 cm235 cm235 cm290 cm340 cm
Minimum truck bed length210 cm210 cm210 cm240 cm290 cm
Width, min. truck bed113 cm113 cm113 cm113 cm113 cm
Width, maximum (with tarp mounted)170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm
Total height of the hopper from the loading
surface of the carrying vehicle
108 cm120 cm132 cm155 cm155 cm
Capacity, struck1500 l2100 l2600 l3200 l4200 l
Capacity, rounded1800 l2400 l2900 l4000 l5000 l
Weight (empty)360 kg395 kg430 kg490 kg600 kg
Hopper construction, dual wallPolyPolyPolyPolyPoly
Spreading width, min-max1-8 m (may vary depending on material)
Spinner size500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Auger diameter (stainless steel)155 mm155 mm155 mm155 mm-
Chain conveyor width300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
MaterialSalt, sand, granulat/mixed (max 8mm ∅ with auger)
Vehiclemin. 8500 lb GVWRmin. 13 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWRmin. 15 000 lb GVWR

LIQUID SYSTEM (optional)

MODEL2000 AM/CM2800 AM/CM3400 AM/CM4200 AM/CM6000 CM
Pre-wet, Spray volume0.8-3.2 gal/min0.8-3.2 gal/min0.8-3.2 gal/min0.8-3.2 gal/min0.8-3.2 gal/min
Spraybar, Spray volume20 gal/lane mile at 20 mph20 gal/lane mile at 20 mph20 gal/lane mile at 20 mph20 gal/lane mile at 20 mph20 gal/lane mile at 20 mph
Pre-wet, Spraying width3 - 26 ft (together with spreading material)
Spraybar, Spraying width7-16 ft7-16 ft7-16 ft7-16 ft7-16 ft
Pre-wet, liquid tank capacity220 gal220 gal220 gal260 gal315 gal
Spraybar, liquid tank capacity220-550 gal *220-550 gal *220-550 gal *260-550 gal *315-790* gal
Spraying materialAnti- and deicing liquids, water. **
MODEL1600 AM/CM2100 AM/CM2600 AM/CM4000 AM/CM5000 CM
Pre-wet, Spray volume3-12 l/min3-12 l/min3-12 l/min3-12 l/min3-12 l/min
Spraybar, Spray volume5-25 l/min5-25 l/min5-25 l/min5-25 l/min5-25 l/min
Pre-wet, Spraying width1-8 m (together with spreading material)
Spraybar, Spraying width2-5 m2-5 m2-5 m2-5 m2-5 m
Pre-wet, liquid tank capacity830 l830 l830 l1000 l1200 l
Spraybar, liquid tank capacity830 - 2080 l *830 - 2080 l *830 - 2080 l *1000 - 2500 l *1200 - 3000 l *
Spraying materialAnti- and deicing liquids, water. **

* With optional patented bladder tank inside for spray bar system
** Do not use flammable or petroleum liquids for the liquid system


See how much you can save by reducing material costs with a liquid system

Current de-icing method

Compare with

Salt consumption

lbs / year *

Salt price

$ / lb *

You can save in material costs annually

* Calculations based on the following application rates: Dry salt 30g/m2, Pre-Wet 17g/m2, Brine 35ml/m2. With a Pre-Wet system the application rate is significantly lower, as the pre-wetted salt bonds to the ground and immediately start breaking up the ice.


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