HillTip IceStriker™ Tailgate Salt spreader

IceStriker™ 45, 75 & 100 Tailgate spreader for pickups, tractors, loaders, etc.


The Hilltip IceStriker™ 45-100 is a 12V electric sand and salt spreader. It’s designed for pickup tailgates, vans, utility vehicles, tractors, loaders as well as forklifts. The polymer hopper and stainless steel parts gives protection against rust and corrosion, in other word a very long lasting machine!. The tailgate spreader can spread all types of spreading materials like bulk, bag, sand and gravel. With help of the independently controlled horizontal auger and spinner motor.


This salt and sand spreader is controlled wirelessly (Bluetooth) with the Hilltip StrikeSmart™ control App. The Smartphone with App installed is always included with the spreader. Automatic GPS speed control adjusts the amount of spreading material (lbs/1000 sq ft) according to your vehicle speed. While manual mode lets you insert a fixed auger speed. Tracking with Hilltip HTrack™ as standard function.

Tailgate Salt Spreader, Saleuse électrique


This sand & salt spreader is compatible with our standard HTrack™ tracking software. You can track and manage all of your spreading devices and snowplows online on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The program shows treatment route and spreading details on the map in real-time or between specific time intervals. Spreading route details such as speed, GPS location and material used can be summarized and generated as PDF reports.

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The worlds first Smartphone controlled spreader with flexible mounting to compact tractor, pickup or municipal vehicles!


Tailgate spreader, Saleuse électrique


The app in the smartphone lets you customize your spreading session according to your current situation. Automatic GPS speed control adjusts the amount of spreading material (lbs/1000 sq ft) according to your vehicle speed, while manual mode lets you insert a fixed auger speed. The app additionally collects and saves essential spreading data, allowing you to generate spreading reports. This wireless control system also makes it easy to turn on functions, work light and optional vibrator, from the smartphone inside the cabin.

Tailgate salt spreader, saleuse électrique


  • 12V independently controlled motors for auger and spinner
  • Lightweight polymer hopper body
  • Mounted parts in stainless steel
  • Horizontal auger
  • 16″ spinner disc
  • Lid and top screen
  • Storage transport wheels


  • Tow hitch mount, bolted or J-type.
  • EU tow/tailgate hitch.
  • Swing away mount, bolted.
  • 3-point hitch, Cat I/II.
  • Wheelloader / Fork lift 1” Pin hitch, adjustable. Height adjustment.
  • Various wheel loader, tool carrier and forklifts mounts.


  • Vibrator (for wet salt, gravel, salt and sand mix).
  • Rear lights LED & License plate kit.
  • LED work light.
  • Smartphone controller holder.


Spreader specifications and dimensions

Total width31"31"31"
Total depth24"24"24"
Total height32"41"51"
Capacity, struck4.5 cu ft7.5 cu ft10.0 cu ft
Capacity, rounded4.6 cu ft7.6 cu ft10.8 cu ft
Weight (empty)128 lbs143 lbs154 lbs
Hopper constructionPolyPolyPoly
Spreading width3-30 ft3-30 ft3-30 ft
Spinner size13"13"13"
Auger diameter (stainless steel)2.5"2.5"2.5"
MaterialSalt, Sand, Granulat, Mixed (max 5/16" ∅)
VehicleUtility vechicles, pick-ups, vans, tractors, loaders and forklifts
Total width800 mm800 mm800 mm
Total depth600 mm800 mm800 mm
Total height820 mm1050 mm1300 mm
Capacity, struck120 L205 L290 L
Capacity, rounded130 L215 L305 L
Weight (empty)58 kg65 kg70 kg
Hopper constructionPolyPolyPoly
Spreading width1-8 m1-8 m1-8 m
Spinner size320 mm320 mm320 mm
Auger diameter (stainless steel)65 mm65 mm65 mm
MaterialSalt, Sand, Granulat, Mixed (max 8mm ∅)
VehicleUtility vechicles, pick-ups, vans, tractors, loaders and forklifts


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