Controller software download

Software download

To update the Hilltip IceStriker spreader/sprayer controller to the latest software version, select your spreader/sprayer model, and download the file by clicking on the file name.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you download the correct software for your spreader version. If you e.g. download the 2100-3400 software to a 800-1450 controller, the controller will stop working and has to be sent back to Hilltip for a service repair.

NOTE! You need a password to extract the zip file. Please contact your local dealer for the password.

ModelFile nameFile typeVersionDate
IceStriker 500, 800-1450updater.zipSoftware update .zip file1.3.58 (1.3.58)04.03.2020
ModelFile nameFile typeVersionDate
IceStriker 2100-3400updater.zipSoftware update .zip file1.5.2021.02.20209
ModelFile nameFile typeVersionDate
SprayStriker 1350-5300updater.zipSoftware update .zip file1.4.1421.02.2020
If the spreader is produced before 22.2.2019 an adapter cable (H30149) is needed for the chute motor. Read the Service bulletin for more information.
NOTE! After installing this software, you must go to Settings (Machine Settings) and select your spreader’s feed mechanism (Auger or Conveyor)!

Update procedure

StepHow to update controller software

Download the file by clicking on the file name.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer as your web browser, choose “Save” or “Save file”


Unzip the file to your USB stick (For instructions, see below)

  • Find the downloaded file on your computer
  • Right-click the downloaded .zip file and choose “Extract files…”
  • Select your USB memory from the list (Ex.: “My USB”), click OK


Make sure that the USB now contains a folder named “updater”


Insert USB to the controller.


Make sure the controller is ON


Wait 5 minutes. (Do not touch!)


Check the software update:

  • Press “Info”
  • Press “About”
  • Make sure the number next to controller software SW is the same as the version number in the software download table on top of this page


UNPLUG USB stick. You may need to reset your controller for the updated software to work properly. The easiest way to do this is to unplug the data cable from the controller, and then put it back in.