Controller software download

Software update

The software in the controller consist of an operating system software (OS) and Hilltip IceStriker/ SprayStriker application software (updater). Both softwares are updated via USB stick. Normally the OS software is up to date and you only need to update application software. You can install only application software or both OS and application software at the same time. OS needs to be updated if it is older than version 2.2.0. OS version is seen in About view. (Info → About), it is the last 5 numbers that is important e.g 3.0.101-rt130-opusa3-2.2.2-2 is OS version 2.2.2. Please note that calibration setting and all other settings will be cleared when updating OS.

IMPORTANT! After you have installed the software you need to select spreader type and options. Make sure you select correct spreader and options.

NOTE! Files are distributed as encrypted zip file. You need a password and a suitable program (for example 7 zip: to extract the application software zip file. Please contact your local dealer for the password.

Plaese contact your local dealer to get the latest controller software.

ModelFile nameFile typeVersionDate
All SprayStriker and IceStriker models updater.zipSoftware update .zip file0.3201.02.2021
All System update .zip file2.

Update procedure

StepHow to update System and controller software

Download the files by clicking on the links above. If you want to update both OS and application software you should download both files

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer as your web browser, choose “Save” or “Save file”


Unzip the files (For instructions, see below)

  • Find the downloaded file (s) or files on your computer
  • Unzip the file(s). Note that windows standard zip program might not be able to unzip the encrypted zip file. Use 7-zip, winzip or any other program that can unzip encrypted files
  • If using 7-zip file manager follow these steps:
    1. Find the zip folder. (Press the arrow down icon to the right.)
    2. Press “Extract”

3. Find the usb memory and press Ok.

4. Enter the password and press ok.

If you have unzipped both OS and application (updater) files you should have these files on your USB stick.

If you are only updating the application software you only need the updater folder. The updater folder should contain two files and no folders.


If updating OS you need to shut off the controller and wait more than 5 minutes so that controller enters off mode. You may also disconnect the round cable to make sure controller is properly shut off.

If you are updating only application (updater) software you you should keep controller on.


Insert USB to the controller.

If updating application software the update will start automatically.
If updating OS the controller should be switched off and update will start after swiching it on while pressing the two upper buttons to the left. See next step.

(If update is not starting after 10 seconds, try to unplug and plug in usb stick again. If update still does not start, try another usb stick.)


When updating OS: Press down the two upper buttons to the left while switching controller on.


When updating OS: Hold the two buttons until Maintenance screen is shown, then release the buttons.


Wait until the update has been installed.


After successful installation the controller need to be configured for the correct Spreader Model. If no Spreader Model have been selected the Spreader Configuration screen is automatically shown at startup. (If Spreader Configuraion screen is not opened and you want to change existing settings go to Settings -> Machine -> Select Model). Select correct Model and options.

10If OS have been updated the calibration values is restored to defalut values. Calibrate spreader for the material that you are using.
11Update done!