Proper road salt storage is crucial to effective winter road management. Different road salts, such as rock salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride, have special characteristics and things to remember when storing them.

Importance of Proper Road Salt Storage

Proper storage ensures road salt quality. Improper storage can lead to clumping, moisture absorption, and reduced melting effectiveness. Taking care of proper storage provides ideal performance during snow events. Proper stored salt is easy flowing in a salt spreader. Good quality de-icing material is essential for a successful de-icing event.

Road Salt Storage Buildings

Some of the most common storage facilities are road salt storage domes, salt sheds, salt barns and salt silos, each offering unique advantages. Salt domes provide ample storage capacity and weather protection, salt sheds guarantee flexibility and easy access, and salt barns combine both benefits. Salt silos are providing premium protection, but less capacity than any above.

Best Practices for Road Salt Storage

Maintaining optimal storage conditions, including temperature and humidity control, proper ventilation, and inventory management, is vital. Utilizing storage equipment, such as salt spreaders and bins, ensures efficient handling and application.

Maintenance and Safety Measures

Regular maintenance ensures the durability of salt storage facilities. Conduct inspections, timely repairs, and proper cleaning procedures to maintain the facilities in good condition. Follow the safety measures and local road salt storage requirements for handling, storage, and disposal to minimize environmental impact and other risks.

Environmental Considerations of Road Salt

While road salt is effective, its usage and storage have environmental impacts. Choose eco-friendly alternatives like pre-wetting road salt and liquid anti-icing solutions to reduce salt usage and minimize environmental impact.

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