Maintaining safe and accessible roads during winter is crucial, and effective salt spreading is pivotal in achieving this objective. We offer a comprehensive range of sand and salt spreaders designed to meet winter maintenance demands and provide remarkable advantages for road safety.

Types of Sand and Salt Spreading Machines

We provide various spreading machines suitable for pickups, trucks, and more to ensure the best way to spread salt on driveways, parking lots, city streets and county roads.

  • Tailgate Spreaders: Easy installation and versatility.
  • Truck Bed Spreaders: Larger capacities for heavy-duty needs.
  • Other spreaders: For other vehicles, such as tractors or loaders.

Hilltip spreaders are engineered to meet a variety of winter maintenance demands effectively and offer advanced features and customization options, offering optimal salt-spreading performance.

Comparison Between Chain and Auger Sand and Salt Spreader

When comparing these two popular types of sand and salt spreader feeding systems, there are some critical differences in their mechanisms and functionalities.

Chain spreaders: This type of spreader is often chosen when higher material output is needed, when spreading on county roads at higher speeds, or the spread material is of lower quality, such as sand, gravel, or a mixture of sand/salt that naturally need a higher application rate.

Auger spreaders: The spinning stainless steel auger mechanism on Hilltip’s spreaders gives you versatility and precise material flow control. Auger spreaders, in general, provide efficient material flow control and are known for their low maintenance cost and capability to handle larger particles.

Whether you prefer a chain or auger spreader, Hilltip provides innovative solutions catering to your needs. Both feeding systems are offered with pre-wet and direct liquid brine capability.

Choosing the Right Sand and Salt Spreader

Choosing the suitable salt spreader for your truck requires considering factors such as capacity, spreader versatility, construction, control options, installation ease, maintenance requirements, and vehicle compatibility. Our spreaders meet all these criteria, providing reliable operation and convenient maintenance for the snow contractor.

Essential Features and Technologies

Certain features are crucial for spreading salt or sand professionally. Hilltip spreaders utilize technologies that include adjustable spread patterns, precise material flow control, built-in pre-wetting systems, 2-way tracking and control communication channel to HTRACK™, and GPS ground speed control integration as standard features!

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity and performance of your spreader. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection are necessary practices. We provide maintenance tips to ensure your spreader operates at its best. It’s easy to keep track of the maintenance intervals as our spreaders and sprayers utilize an electronic service book and hour meter as standard features.

Safety Considerations

Safety should always be a top priority when operating spreaders. Adhering to local guidelines, wearing protective gear, and following regulations is crucial. Hilltip’s products provide valuable safety features that prioritize the well-being of operators and those around them.

Ready to Experience the Power of the Hilltip Spreaders?

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