Winter weather presents various road maintenance and safety challenges. Pre-wet salt systems provide an effective solution to combat these issues. This article explores the benefits of Hilltip’s pre-wet salt systems.

The Advantages of Pre-Wetting Salt

Traditional salt spreading scatters dry salt particles, reducing effectiveness, wasting resources, and causing environmental impact. Pre-wet salt systems directly apply liquid solutions to salt particles, ensuring better adhesion to the road surface and minimizing scatter. This reduces salt loss and optimizes distribution, leading to a more cost-effective snow and ice control solution.

Pre-Wetting Salt Techniques

Pre-wetting salt techniques involve direct liquid application systems, enhancing the effectiveness of de-icing. Pre-wetting salt with liquid solutions, such as brine, improves the bonding with the road surface. This precision application optimizes the de-icing process during harsh winter conditions, resulting in safer road conditions directly after the salting process.

Integrated Liquid Tanks on Salt Spreaders

Hilltip excels in pre-wet salt technology with the salt spreaders’ poly hopper bodies with integrated liquid tanks. This eliminates the need for additional tanks for traditional spreaders and extra vehicles, streamlining the de-icing process and saving time. Advanced features like adjustable liquid flow control ensure precise application tailored to weather conditions, road surfaces, and desired spread application rates.

Pre-Wet Salt Systems vs. Traditional Salt Spreading: A Comparative Analysis

The benefits of comparing pre-wet salt systems to traditional salt spreading methods are evident. Pre-wet salt systems offer the following advantages:

  • Reduced salt bounce and scatter.
  • Enhanced bonding with the road surface.
  • Improved distribution and coverage.
  • Increased cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency.
  • Minimized environmental impact.

The comparative analysis done on all continents under various weather conditions confirms that pre-wet salt systems are the superior choice for snow and ice control, ensuring safer road conditions in winter weather. Hilltip’s combi spreaders with StrikeSmart™ control system are the best de-icing technology available on the market today.

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