Discover essential snow removal techniques, de-icing methods, post-storm maintenance, and safety measures for effective winter road maintenance.

Pre-Winter Preparations

Winter roads require comprehensive maintenance, and pre-winter preparations are crucial for smooth operations. Pre-winter preparations involve inspecting and repairing surface damages like potholes and cracks. Appropriate drainage systems play an essential role in preventing ice formation and reducing potential driving hazards on the road.

Snow Removal Techniques for Well-Maintained Highways

Snow removal techniques like plowing, snow blowing, and hauling are essential during winter. Hilltip offers advanced equipment with various advantages for efficient snow removal. Prioritizing main roads, clearing intersections, and maintaining safe driving lanes are crucial during winter road maintenance. With the Hilltip HTrack™ control and tracking system, you can remotely plan the winter road maintenance routes and mark essential information for the driver to pay attention to while on the route.

De-Icing and Anti-Icing Methods for Winter Highway Maintenance

De-icing and anti-icing methods combat ice formation on roads. Salt, brine, and other chemical agents are commonly used, with Hilltip providing specialized de-icing equipment to reduce ice hazards. Environmental impact considerations are important, and it’s good to remember that pre-wet salt systems and direct liquid salt brine de-icing and anti-icing treatment offer minimized environmental impact.

Efficient Post-Storm Maintenance

Post-storm maintenance involves clearing snow, inspecting road conditions, and promptly addressing damages. Timely maintenance is essential to ensure road safety and prevent further deterioration.

Safety Measures in Road Maintenance

Safety is paramount. Strict adherence to safety protocols, appropriate equipment, and comprehensive training are necessary during winter road maintenance. Traffic safety should always come first, and in the snow and ice control industry, providing performance evidence is critical to promoting safety. You should always have control systems that take the guesswork out from the operators. Let them focus on the road instead of worrying about spread rates!

For that reason, the only way to ensure you deliver according to requirements with continuous changes in weather conditions is an automated, flexible adjustment feature.

There is a reason why leading contractors in the snow and ice industry say, “Tackle winter’s worst with the industry’s best.” Hilltip’s GPS ground speed control and 2-way communication channel are standard features on all Hilltip salt spreaders. The advanced StrikeSmart™ control and tracking system HTrack™  will back you up with any slip and fall claims or car accidents that may arise during winter.

Smooth and Efficient Highway Maintenance with Hilltip

Ready to take the next step in your winter road maintenance? Explore our range of innovative sand and salt spreaders and de-icing salt brine spray systems, or contact us for more information.