Winter presents some challenges in maintaining safe and accessible roads. Hilltip SprayStriker™ machines stand out as a revolutionary technology in this field, ensuring ultimate results for road treatment. This article will explore the concept of salt brine road treatment, its benefits, and how our machines tackle this process.

Brine Road Treatment in a Nutshell

Brine road treatment involves the application of a carefully composed saltwater solution onto road surfaces to prevent ice formation and enhance driving conditions. Unlike traditional rock salt, brine is highly effective because it can melt ice faster and improve traction. Moreover, it offers significant environmental benefits by reducing salt usage and minimizing its impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Benefits of Brine Road Treatment

Brine spraying has many advantages. First, it accelerates the melting process, enabling quicker restoration of safe road conditions.

Brine lowers the freezing temperature of water to about 18 degrees Fahrenheit or -10° Celsius, meaning the roads must be much colder to have ice form on their surface.

Brine keeps snow from being compacted by vehicle traffic, which can turn snow into ice. It is more effective and coats roadways better than plain salt or sand.

Brine gives crews more time to prepare and manage roadways since brining can occur up to 48 hours before a storm.

Brine is cheaper and more cost-efficient than rock salt!


Generally, it costs about $6 to brine one mile (€ 3.5/1 km) of one lane of road, depending on the cost of salt. Rock salt, which is also used to treat and manage roadways during snow and ice, costs about $14 per mile per lane (€8/1 km) to apply.

That means if the contractor or municipality is brining a four-lane road, it would cost roughly $24 per mile (€14/1 km). To treat the same one-mile, four-lane stretch of road with rock salt would cost $56 (€32 €/1 km)

Rock salt is more than double the cost compared to using brine!

Additionally, enhanced traction provided by brine reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians. The costs of winter road maintenance are substantially lower through brine treatment, as described above.

Brine Road Treatment Process

With Hilltip SprayStriker™, the process of brine road treatment is straightforward and effective. Begin by calibrating the sprayer before every season, ensuring the correct application rates for optimal coverage. The innovative calibration technology guarantees precise brine distribution, and after the calibration, you’re all set to begin the road treatment.

Best Practices and Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of brine road treatment, consider the application timing, weather conditions, as well as anticipated traffic patterns for both pre- and post-treatment events.

Regular equipment maintenance is also vital to ensure smooth operation throughout the winter season. Hilltip SprayStriker™ machines provide additional features that set them apart, such as real-time monitoring and precise control of brine application, contributing to superior results.

The Hilltip HTrack™ and StrikeSmart™ control system also features automatic application rate suggestions for specific weather and road conditions. This unique patent pending feature enables the contractors to achieve the optimum performance for any weather and winter road condition.

Upgrade your Winter Road Maintenance with Hilltip’s Solutions

Brine road treatment using Hilltip SprayStriker™ presents an ultimate solution for winter road maintenance. By utilizing the power of brine, roads can be made safer while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Explore Hilltip’s comprehensive range of brine road treatment solutions, and contact us for more information.