Though often overlooked, dust can impact health and lead to harmful effects when not handled properly. With Hilltip’s mobile dust control solutions, you can tackle demanding dust challenges conveniently and with ease.

Understanding Dust Suppression Machines

Hilltip’s multi-use SprayStriker™ HT45 mist cannon is designed to effectively manage dust, odor, disinfection, and air pollution. However, in this article, we will focus on dust suppression.

Dust suppression controls airborne particles to improve air quality and minimize the negative impacts of dust particles to safeguard health, avoid specific risks, and create a safer and more efficient work environment for everybody – whether in industrial settings or outdoor areas.

Common Dust Sources

Heavy-duty industries, such as mining, crushing, demolition, recycling, rental, and cement, generate large amounts of dust. Outdoor areas, like unpaved roads, also cause airborne particles. Each dust source comes with its challenges and requires specific suppression techniques.

Techniques for Dust Suppression

There are various methods for dust suppression. It can be done mechanically with filtration systems, chemically with dust-binding agents, or with water-based misting systems. When choosing the optimal method for your specific needs, it’s recommended to take into account the application and environmental factors.

The Key Features and Benefits of our Water-Based Mist Cannon

SprayStriker™ HT45 mist cannon is water-based, perfect for dust misting applications and other tasks. It generates water mist droplets from 20-200 microns, ensuring optimal performance across multiple uses. Thanks to its versatility, the machine combats dust effortlessly in indoor and outdoor uses, providing safe working conditions.

Combat the Dust with Hilltip and Boost Workplace Safety

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