Meet HTrack™, the next generation of ice control management solutions. Tackle winter’s challenges efficiently with automated tasks, optimized routes, and real-time insights. Simplify operations and exceed client expectations with HTrack™. In addition, HTrack™ is not a 3rd party supplied management system. It’s all developed by Hilltip and integrated as a standard feature on all salt spreaders and de-icing sprayers.

Unlock Advanced Capabilities with the Best Snow Removal Software

  • Maximize Efficiency: Reduce idle times and save on resources with real-time GPS tracking.
  • Optimize Routes: Minimize fuel costs and maximize coverage by planning efficient routes.
  • Monitor Fleet: Keep tabs on your entire fleet’s performance, ensuring prompt responses and that accurate spreading rates are applied.
  • Improve Safety: Enhance driver safety through weather alerts and road condition updates.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices with detailed analytics and reports. Take control of your costs for each worksite or contract.
  • Client Satisfaction: Deliver prompt, reliable service that exceeds client expectations. Prove it by delivering documented performance.

Streamlining Operations with the Best Software for Snow and Ice Control

HTrack™ seamlessly integrates into your snow and ice control management operations. Here’s how it works:

Real-Time Tracking

  • Install a Hilltip Salt spreader or Sprayer on your fleet vehicles. HTrack™ tracking software is always part of the equipment and is delivered with your credentials to the HTrack™ cloud platform.
  • GPS-enabled and a Wi-Fi device transmits data to the HTrack™ cloud platform.

Route Optimization

  • Geofence worksites, parking areas and roads on the HTrack™ cloud platform.
  • HTrack™  precalculates your salt usage per work site.
  • Optimize routes for maximum efficiency and minimum fuel consumption.

Fleet Monitoring

  • Access a real-time dashboard displaying all your vehicles.
  • Track your devices in real-time or between specific time intervals:
    • Show route on map
    • Show speed, GPS location, material used, etc.
  • You can change application rates on hundreds of spreaders in a few seconds remotely!
  • HTrack™ automatically recognizes when the spreader reaches a preset and geofenced work site.
  • Show one or multiple units.

Performance Analytics

  • Download session reports and performance details.
  • All tracking data is collected under specific geofenced work sites.
  • For easy reporting.
  • Analyze historical data for insights.
  • Make data-driven decisions for future operations.

Reporting and Documentation

  • Generate detailed reports for documentation.
  • Receive equipment error alerts en route to your email.
  • Share performance evidence for your clients or insurance company if any case of slip and fall claims occur.

Mobile App Integration

  • Access HTrack™ on the go with the mobile app.
  • Stay connected and manage your fleet from anywhere.

Visit HTrack™ to see how it transforms your snow and ice management business.

Feature-Rich Snow Management Software for Every Business Size

HTrack™ empowers snow and ice control businesses with GPS tracking, weather insights with automatic application rate adjustments, cost control and seamless machinery integration for unparalleled efficiency.

Compatibility with Hilltip Machinery

Two-Way Online Communication Control

  • Ensure efficient and targeted treatments with two-way communication.
  • Remote application rate adjustments for weather-responsive operations.

Experience the power of HTrack™ in action: Watch the Video and revolutionize your snow and ice management business.

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